Sil Süpür is the leader in corporate cleaning.
The number one choice for corporate companies in cleaning
How to Clean the Kitchen in Detail?
For those who find kitchen cleaning daunting...
Corporate Cleaning Firm
Sil Süpür Cleaning is active as a cleaning company in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, and many other cities.
Sil Süpür Cleaning
The Importance of a Company in Cleaning
We are leaders in office and corporate cleaning.
Sil Süpür provides daily or regular cleaning services for office cleaning, corporate cleaning, office cleaning, company cleaning, and business cleaning.
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Get acquainted with our magnificent cleaning cloths that will make you fall in love with cleaning.
Professional Solution for Corporate Cleaning in Bursa.
Sil Süpür provides professional solutions for corporate cleaning staff demands.
Sil Süpür Cleaning is in Izmir.
No More Searching for a Cleaning Company in Izmir. Now Sil Süpür is in Izmir.
Residential, Home, and Office Cleaning
Regular cleaning services are necessary for residential, house, and office cleaning areas.
Corporate Cleaning Staff
Our company operates in corporate cleaning with the most reliable employees.
Sil Süpür Cleaning in Konya
Sil Süpür Cleaning is your solution partner for daily and regular cleaning requests.
Sil Süpür Cleaning in Antalya
Sil Süpür, which provides services throughout Turkey, has also become Antalya's most beloved cleaning company.
Sil Süpür in Home Cleaning
Sil Süpür is the leader among home cleaning companies
Sil Süpür cleaning cloths
You will love cleaning with the new generation Sil Süpür cleaning cloths.
We received the Most Successful Online Cleaning Platform of the Year Award.
This pride is all of ours! With the experience of 7 years, we continue to strive to be the best for you.
What is Clean Eating?
In recent years, a rising trend worldwide called
Why is Post-Construction and Vacant Apartment Cleaning So Difficult?
Post-construction cleaning and cleaning of vacant apartments are quite challenging.
Is Hand Cleaning Used in Cleaning?
Hand wiping is a cleaning method that individuals who purchase cleaning services occasionally request. On the other hand, it is a cleaning method that cleaning service providers refuse to perform as it can cause long-term health issues due to prolonged kn
Precaution for Office Disinfection Against the Omicron Variant
Omicron is alarming offices and work life.
What is Nano Silver Disinfection?
The effect of nano silver on microorganisms dates back to ancient times. Materials with silver effects are chemically more durable, and these materials retain silver ions on their surfaces for a long time, preserving their antibacterial and antiviral prop
Office Life During the Pandemic
Since the emergence of the COVID-19 coronavirus in our country, both work and daily life have been filled with anxiety.
Protect Your Employees from Corona and Epidemic Diseases
Office cleaning and disinfection are crucial to protect against the coronavirus and similar epidemic diseases.
The Use of Disinfectants Compatible with Human Health in Cleaning
The use of ecological detergents in cleaning, which is an important requirement in social environments, does not harm the health of living beings.
10 Points on Corporate Hygiene
In the days before the virus, this subject, which was attempted to be implemented through the Hygiene Regulation, has gained even more importance today with the form of corporate hygiene.
Are Air Conditioners the Cause of Allergies?
Can inadequate air conditioner cleaning cause hygiene issues and trigger many allergic diseases?
Benefits of Hiring Professional Help for Office Cleaning
Most businesses prefer to seek professional assistance for corporate cleaning, and this is a highly important matter.
Cleaning of Water Tank and Plumbing System
With Silperox, which you will use for the cleaning of water tanks and plumbing systems, the hygiene you are looking for is right at your fingertips!
How to Perform COVID-19 Cleaning in Homes, Offices, and Vehicles?
Since the inclusion of the coronavirus in our lives, the topic of coronavirus cleaning in homes, offices, and vehicles has also come to the forefront.
Communal Living Spaces and Epidemic Diseases
The most effective solution to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases, which have been on all of our agendas in recent days, is to eliminate viruses and bacteria from our living spaces and ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
Office Disinfection
Cleaning and disinfection process ensures the removal and elimination of not only visible dirt but also a significant portion of invisible microorganisms that can affect your health and well-being.
Why Are We the Leading Company in Office Cleaning and Disinfection?
We realize the importance of office cleaning and disinfection, which we refer to as the cleanliness of crowds, as Sil Süpür.
How to Clean and Disinfect an Office.
There is actually no basic rule for any cleaning area. The service is carried out based on the needs and expectations of the service recipient.
Disinfection of the Dirtiest Areas in the Office
In the office, the kitchens where meals are served to many people and shared spaces are often affected by the accumulation of dirt and bacteria due to leftover food and dirty dishes throughout the day, which can negatively impact your health.
How to Perform General Cleaning and Disinfection of the Office?
Since offices are multi-workspace areas, the first point to start with should be ventilation systems that bring in clean air and oxygen.
Why is Office Cleaning and Disinfection Important for You?
We all know a proverb: "The lion is known by its lair." Our offices and workplaces are our showcases.
How to Properly Disinfect and Clean an Office?
For a proper cleaning and disinfection, every corner and every spot should be carefully and meticulously cleaned and disinfected without missing any area.
The Effects of a Clean and Disinfected Office
People prioritize their own cleanliness as much as the environment they are in is clean and disinfected to be hygienic.
Office Cleaning and Disinfection
Cleaning: Cleaning in an office involves the removal of food residues, mud, and dirt from tools, equipment, and various surfaces, as well as preventing them from becoming a breeding ground for microorganisms.
Benefits of a Clean and Disinfected Office
In a clean environment, people not only keep themselves clean but also feel happy in the surroundings and spread their happiness to others.
Disinfection in Cleaning and Your Health
We are proud to provide you and your team members with a healthy and organized working environment by embracing our employees' work and ensuring the quality of the materials they use.
We always strive for the best for a hygienic office.
Working in a disinfected and hygienic environment is always the desire of every employee. Among the most important factors in an office environment, office disinfection and cleanliness play a vital role in creating a healthy office atmosphere.
How to Clean Homes and Offices?
An unclean home or office not only fails to provide a healthy environment but also invites diseases. Moreover, an environment devoid of hygiene may not be pleasing to the eyes, even if it is the most beautiful place in the world.
Can the sofa and carpet be washed at home?
Carpets and sofas are among the most commonly soiled items in the house and they require regular cleaning. Carpet and upholstery cleaning is usually done by professional companies nowadays, but with the necessary equipment, it is possible to wash carpets
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