The Use of Disinfectants Compatible with Human Health in Cleaning

The use of ecological detergents in cleaning, which is an important requirement in social environments, does not harm the health of living beings.

The use of ecological disinfectants in cleaning, which is gaining more importance nowadays, has become an agenda. Especially disinfectants that have negative effects on the health of pets, plants, and humans can eliminate one harmful organism while negatively affecting another. Businesses that want to get rid of this situation have started to look for corporate companies that can provide them with good cleaning services. As Sil Süpür, in the sector where we provide service with a team of expert cleaning staff, we use numerous disinfectant products safely. Silperox provides support as a new generation disinfectant. The product, which affects all surfaces and air, does not negatively impact the health of living beings.

Many public indoor spaces need to be regularly disinfected. This product, which is safe to use and does not harm animals and nature, can be used everywhere. You can apply the product suitable for different surfaces to all areas that need disinfection.

What's in Silperox?

Our product, which is a combination of colloidal nano metallic silver and hydrogen peroxide, has great success even in small amounts. You can apply our product, which is mixed with water in predetermined quantities, to surfaces and air in various ways. By using a single product instead of many, you can achieve high-level usage. This product, which disinfects through oxidation, can be used in many places as a disinfectant that is compatible with human health.

Silperox Where Can It Be Used?

Our ecological disinfectant product, which you can safely use in operating rooms and intensive care units, will be a safe choice for you. You can safely use Silperox in operating rooms, patient rooms, medical equipment, and many other surfaces to achieve superior performance. When you receive disinfection services from the expert employees of Sil Süpür, you can determine Silperox as the disinfectant to be used and keep viruses and bacteria away from your living spaces.

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