Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Sil Süpür is a cleaning reservation platform that serves all over Turkey. It allows you to receive services from the nearest successful cleaning workers in your area. We are an award-winning platform that serves all over Turkey. The service recipient creates a reservation for the service they want. The service provider selects the most suitable job for themselves from the mobile application. The platform tracks the service claiming and service completion processes. It secures the service and payment systems. Sil Süpür is a transparent platform and does not provide misleading services with ambiguous statements. All information is disclosed on the homepage of our website and in the contracts. You can make a reservation through our website or the Sil Süpür Temizlik mobile application. You can also get support from our call center. 0850 532 52 82

How Is The Payment Made?

Our payments are received before the service. Payment can be made during the online reservation process. In some mandatory cases, payment can be made to our company account. SİL SÜPÜR TEMİZLİK VE HİZMET TEKNOLOJİLERİ SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ HALK BANKASI IBAN: TR92 0001 2001 4660 0010 1014 23 Branch 1466 HALK BANKASI BATI ATAŞEHİR ŞUBESİ/İSTANBUL Account Number 10101423 Payment with a manual credit card can also be made through the link below.

Why Should I Get Service From A Cleaning Platform?

Cleaning platforms provide the discipline between service recipients and service providers. Therefore, corporate services are requested, not individual services. Service providers have concerns about receiving the cleaning fee and exceeding the service time. Service recipients prefer to receive services that have been proven, meet certain standards, and are auditable. Sil Süpür provides high-standard services with call center support.

What Is Included In The Cleaning?

Health and safety are important for everyone in cleaning. All cleaning requests that do not endanger the health and safety of the worker can be met. There is no need to lean out to clean the windows from the outside. An appropriate tool is provided to clean the exterior glass from the inside. Except for risky area cleaning, manual floor and wall cleaning, heavy lifting and carrying, you can manage the time you have taken as you wish.

Will The Tasks Be Completed?

Sil Süpür cannot guarantee that all cleaning tasks will be completed. Each house has different needs, and the best service recipients can identify their needs. Requests and expectations also vary. Sil Süpür expects not to exceed the legal limits of 8 hours of working time. We do not accept jobs that require work beyond 10 hours because the tasks are not completed. There may be a demand above the performance of the service provider and transportation problems. For heavily soiled or large service areas, we recommend increasing the number of people.

I Will Not Be In The Service Area, Can A Cleaner Come?

Uppps, if you are not there, we are not there either! Unfortunately, we cannot provide service provider referrals to service areas that are not under your control. In order to receive reliable service in many aspects, from the service of the cleaning worker to the use of your products, it is necessary to be present in the service area. Our platform does not have the responsibility to track services.

How Can I Trust You For Payment? I Do Not Trust You?

You are right! Just like you, we also encounter situations where we cant direct the cleaning staff and make payments . Sil Süpür is a platform with a registered trademark, operating with a banking - based payment system and an extension in the Turkish domain . It is officially approved and has completed its 7th year in the industry, making it Turkeys most reliable service platform. We have not received any complaints regarding our platform on this matter. However, our platform may encounter customers who create reservations but do not show up for the service or send the service provider without making a payment. Due to such reasons, our working principle is to make the payment during the reservation process.

Can I Get Same-day Service?

Reservations for cleaning staff are usually planned a few days in advance. However, in case of urgent requests and if there is an available service provider in your area, we can open a reservation and provide the service on the same day.

How Will I Know If My Service Request Has Been Approved?

Reservations that have been fully paid are automatically included in the reservation schedule. Notifications are sent to the available cleaning staff in your area. Once a service provider claims the job, you will receive an SMS notification regarding their membership and assignment.

What If The Service Provider Is Late?

Due to transportation and weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, delays may occur. Therefore, a one-hour delay caused by the service provider is considered normal. If the delay exceeds one hour beyond the reservation time, customers can request a refund or cancellation.

Who Provides Meals To The Service Providers?

As you can understand, cleaning staff often travel to multiple locations throughout the day. It is not feasible for them to carry meals during their commute. It can be challenging for them to find meals for every new service request, especially in certain locations where this option may not be available. However, during full-day services, the responsibility for providing meals belongs to the service recipient. No service provider will create difficulties regarding meals. Meal arrangements should be made to ensure service performance.

Can Employees Be Trusted?

Service providers provide their services by providing information such as their identity and criminal records during the membership process. Necessary checks are conducted, and service assignments are made.

Are Employees Your Staff?

Sil Süpür is an e-commerce marketplace that connects users who want to receive cleaning services with member cleaning professionals and facilitates communication. It is not the owner or provider of the job in any way. There is no employer-employee relationship between the service providers and Sil Süpür. The platform operates based on membership.

What Should I Do If The Service Time Is Not Sufficient?

If the service you have booked is not sufficient and there is at least 1 hour remaining, you can contact us at 0 850 532 52 82 to purchase additional services based on the availability of our personnel.

What should rest periods be like?

For cleanings lasting more than 4 hours, lunch and a 15-minute break are required. For services lasting less than 4 hours, a 15-minute rest break can be planned. If the active cleaner does not have time to work outside these periods, it can be understood that the service area needs more than 1 cleaning employee. Since it protects the rights of the cleaner as well as the rights of the service recipient, Sil Süpür provides sustainable service with its highly motivated cleaning professionals.

What If The Service Provider Does Not Come?

Oops, it is everyone's worst nightmare! Sil Süpür is one of Turkey's platforms with the widest network of service providers. After your reservation, a service provider is assigned. However, all the service providers are self-employed women and have the flexibility to choose their work assignments. We sometimes encounter situations where they cannot go to the assigned job due to various reasons. However, at Sil Süpür, the membership of service providers who fail to attend their assigned service is immediately terminated. Therefore, we continue working with reliable service providers who fulfill their responsibilities. If they notify us of their inability to attend the service due to health or childcare reasons, our operations team manages the process and provides you with information for a new assignment. If a suitable replacement is not available, we offer a refund or reschedule the service.

How Can I Arrange Daily Insurance?

As you know, Sil Süpür is an online marketplace that connects users with service providers for cleaning services.
Membership-based cleaning professionals can work as little as one day per week or not take any jobs at all.
If you want to make a daily insurance notification for the cleaning professional who comes to your home or office, you can use the following information.
The procedure for a single registration and record is as follows:
Send a text message with the content EHHİZ TCKİMLİKNO AYINGÜNÜ to 5510.
For those who work less than 10 days per month, the person who employs them is only required to pay a small amount of premium, which is 2% of the daily earnings based on the minimum wage (daily premium is 1.71 TL until the end of the year). The Social Security Institution (SGK) has introduced SMS-based processes for ease of operation and premium payment in this regard. The steps to be taken within this convenience are listed above.
If the work performed falls under household services and is carried out for less than 10 days in a month, the individuals employing the workers are responsible for work-related accidents and occupational diseases, and the premiums are paid by the employers. However, if requested, the employees can pay their own retirement and General Health Insurance (GSS) premiums until the end of the following month.

What If I Am Not Satisfied With The Service I Purchased?

Sil Süpür aims to provide a high level of satisfaction to its users.
There is no compensation for our cleaning service. We provide half-day and full-day services, and we cannot guarantee that all tasks will be completed. The service is provided within the time frame you requested. Full-day services are considered completed when the service is carried out under your supervision. There are no refunds or compensations. If a service request is made as a 2-person service and the tasks cannot be completed, we do not accept any responsibility. All service providers follow similar work techniques and have a similar work pace. The maximum time difference between two different service providers working in the same area for a full-day service is 20 minutes. However, if you realize that you are not satisfied with the service within the first half an hour, you can cancel the service (optional) within that time period. (Cancellation is optional for up to 1 hour)
If a cleaning professional is employed for a certain period and the service recipient terminates the service without informing the operations department or causes the person to leave the premises for other reasons, no refund will be provided. In such cases, the service provider has invested time and effort during the service period, and the reservation time will be charged.

What If I Am Not Satisfied Within The First Hour?

If you have any dissatisfaction with our cleaning professional within the first hour of their arrival at your premises, you can cancel the service. There is a specific time limit for this. Requests made within a maximum of 1 hour will result in the cleaning professional leaving the premises. If the service is completed or if the service duration exceeds one hour, the service will be considered completed.
However, if the cleaning professional voluntarily or due to compelling reasons leaves the premises, a refund will be provided for the remaining time not worked.
If a cleaning professional is employed for a certain period and the service recipient terminates the service without informing the operations department or causes the person to leave the premises for other reasons, no refund will be provided. In such cases, the service provider has invested time and effort during the service period, and the reservation time will be charged.

Can I Continue Working With The Same Person Regularly ?

If you are satisfied with our cleaning professionals and they also approve, you can continue working with the same service provider.

Why Is There No Hand-wiping Of Floors?

Sil Süpür values the health of its employees.
As a platform that values performance and occupational safety, we have banned HAND-WIPING OF FLOORS in our guidelines.
On the other hand, it is a cleaning method that cleaning professionals tend to avoid as it can cause permanent health problems due to prolonged kneeling. After hand-wiping floors, fatigue and pain occur, which affects performance in the remaining work area.
Mops today have a modular structure that can easily replace hand-wiping floors.

Which Mobile App Should I Download?

Since you are a service recipient, you should download the Sil Süpür Temizlik application. The service provider application is for the cleaning professionals.

Which Materials Are Used For Cleaning, And What Should I Provide?

Vacuum cleaner, Floor mop (vileda), Cleaning chemicals (bleach, dishwashing detergent, surface cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaning sprays, etc.), Bucket, and Cleaning cloths.
We recommend you to try Sil Süpür's professional cleaning cloths. You can place an online order, and the orders will be shipped to you.
In empty apartments and post-construction cleaning, certain equipment and materials such as ladders, scraping tools, brushes may also be required.

Why Should I Become A Member Of The Website?

You can request services even outside of our working hours.
You don't have to re-enter your information (except for credit card details) with each purchase.
You will be informed about our campaigns and special offers.
You can track the details of your previous services (fees, hours, personnel, etc.).
Membership to the website is free of charge.

Why Do You Work Without Materials?

We work without materials because the cleaning professionals provide the service using their own resources. However, we can also assist you with material-based service requests through our solution partners who provide material-based services in each city.

Is There Any Compensation For The Service?

Sil Süpür assigns reservations to service providers with proven high satisfaction rates and no complaints. If, within the first half an hour (optional within 1 hour) of the service provider's arrival, it is determined that there is a lack of compatibility in terms of personal care, approach, or cleaning service, the service provider will be asked to leave, and a refund will be provided . However, if the service is completed and the service provider has efficiently utilized the allocated time, the service will be considered completed, and the full payment will be made . In a full - day service(8 hours), a 30 - minute lunch break and a 15 - minute general break are provided . In half - day services(4 hours), a 15 - minute rest break can be scheduled . if an active service provider is unable to complete the assigned tasks within these time frames, it indicates that more than one cleaning professional is required for the service recipient . Sil Süpür ensures sustainable service with highly motivated cleaning professionals while preserving the rights of both the service recipient and the service provider .

What Is Empty Apartment And Post-construction Cleaning? How Is It Done?

Cleaning empty apartments is actually quite challenging.
Whether the apartment is vacant (second residence) or post-construction, ensuring the satisfaction of high-expectation customers in an average 100 square meter apartment is not possible with a single cleaning professional.
Empty apartments create an expectation of cleaning from floor to ceiling because they are empty spaces. Sometimes, the dirt and wear caused by time on the windows or surfaces of a 30-year-old apartment are seen as part of the cleaning process.
Although empty apartments may seem empty, they often have not been cleaned for a long time and consist of embedded dirt. Since all surfaces are exposed, detailed cleaning is expected, and meeting these expectations with a single person is quite difficult.
Considering the time evaluation, in an average 100 square meter second residence, it is possible to spend 3 hours on detailed kitchen cleaning. When 3 hours are spent on window cleaning, there is not enough time left for floor tiles, bathroom, door cleaning, etc. Considering the rest periods of the employees, the remaining 1.5 hours are not sufficient for detailed cleaning. Therefore, multiple individuals are recommended. Meals and materials are provided by the customer. If there is a demand for material-based cleaning, equipment-based cleaning service should be provided, which includes the cost of a driver, fuel, materials, and equipment.
After construction cleaning, particles cannot be completely eliminated in the first attempt, and true living spaces can be achieved after several repeated cleanings.
Post-construction cleaning requires professional equipment. Scraper tools and related chemicals are necessary for scraping. It is not entirely accurate to assume that every construction residue can be removed with cleaning. Paint, silicone, tar, plaster, welding, sun-dried stickers, and many other construction residues either damage the surfaces during removal or cannot be completely eliminated.
Dust, dirt, and particles that adhere to surfaces due to the absence of an established order cannot be easily removed. It necessitates the obligation of a second or third wiping process. This requires cleaning by multiple individuals.

What Should I Do If I Change My Mind/want To Make Changes?

You can cancel or make changes by sending an email to or contacting our customer service. Cancellations and changes made 24 hours in advance are free of charge. Cancellations and changes made up to 12 hours before your scheduled service will incur a 50% penalty based on the service fee for that day.
If you cancel less than 12 hours in advance, the employee's schedule will have been finalized, and they will have earned their fee. There will be no refund for cancellations made within the remaining time period of less than 12 hours.

In cases where cancellations or changes are not communicated and if the cleaning professional cannot be admitted to the service location within 1 hour of the scheduled time, the service will be considered as provided. The cleaning professional cannot wait at the address for more than 1 hour.

Where Do You Provide Services?

We provide services in all regions of Turkey where our service providers are available. Guidance is provided in almost every region where there is no transportation difficulty.

I forgot/don't know my password. What should I do?

You can get support from our Call Center. You can write to

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