Home Cleaning

Home cleaning It includes the actions taken to ensure that your living space remains in a clean, tidy and healthy environment. House cleaning is usually carried out on weekly, monthly or seasonal periods. Here are some basic steps to consider when cleaning the house:

  1. Make a Plan:
    • Set a specific day or time for cleaning.
    • Decide which rooms to start with.
  2. Prepare Supplies:
    • Prepare your cleaning supplies and tools (cleaning cloth, broom, mop, glass cleaner, disinfectant, etc.).
  3. Gathering and Editing:
    • Take the time to put things back in their places, declutter, and organize items.
  4. Dusting:
    • Clean furniture, shelves, lamps and ornaments regularly.
  5. Sweeping and Mopping:
    • Vacuum and then clean the floors. Use cleaning methods suitable for different floor types.
  6. Glass and Mirror Cleaning:
    • Clean glass surfaces, mirrors and other shiny surfaces.
  7. Kitchen Cleaning:
    • Clean counters, stovetops, oven tops and refrigerators.
    • Organize and clean the kitchen utensils you use.
  8. Bathroom Cleaning:
    • Clean showers, sinks, toilets and other bathroom equipment.
    • Change towels and mats regularly.
  9. Bedroom Cleaning:
    • Change bed linens.
    • Organize the wardrobe and place the clothes.
  10. Throw Out Garbage:
    • Regularly dispose of the garbage accumulated in the house.
  11. Disinfection:
    • Kill germs and bacteria by disinfecting surfaces. Focus especially on frequently touched areas.
  12. Curtains and Carpets:
    • Clean curtains and carpets regularly.
  13. Air Cleanliness:
    • Get fresh air at home by ventilating frequently.
  14. Special Cleaning Needs:
    • If your home has special cleaning needs (e.g. carpet cleaning, window cleaning), perform these at regular intervals.

Home cleaning, is important not only for your physical health, but also for your mental health. Living in a clean and tidy home can improve your overall quality of life.

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