What is Nano Silver Disinfection?

Nano silver's antibacterial property has a long history and nowadays it is being developed in different fields, offering convenience in human life. In nanotechnology, the effect of nano silver particles on microorganisms is quite significant.

As a disinfectant, the "Hydrogen Peroxide and Nano Silver Combination" directly affects microorganisms by altering their DNA, cell walls, and suppressing their respiratory enzyme systems, resulting in a direct killing effect on microorganisms.

They do not leave harmful residues on humans and the environment in the applied environments. Being usable both for the disinfection of food products and the sterilization of equipment in production is an important feature.

This technology can also be developed and used in the healthcare industry, as well as the textile and food industries.

It has been known for a long time that metallic and compound forms of silver have a strong antibacterial effect. Its inhibitory effect on bacteria and viruses has been observed by many researchers. In these studies, silver affects the DNA molecules of microorganisms. This effect prevents the replication of DNA and, in addition, causes inactivation of bacterial proteins by interacting with -SH groups. Due to its strong antibacterial effect and non-toxic nature, silver and silver compounds can be applied to many surfaces and areas where harmful microorganisms are abundant, either during production or after production, by coating the surfaces. Materials with silver effect are more chemically resistant, and these materials maintain their antibacterial properties by retaining silver ions on their surfaces for a long time.

Sil Süpür Disinfection:

It applies the combination of hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver. It uses a proven brand with comparative tests conducted in Turkey and in countries such as India, Poland, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Thanks to its high stability, it is a disinfectant with equivalent active substances that: Remains stable for a longer time during use. Provides faster action on microorganisms. Has a longer shelf life when diluted. Does not leave residue. Has 99.9% biodegradability.

The main reasons for choosing Sil Süpür are: Not leaving residue. The degradation products are water and oxygen. Nano silver complexes do not cause problems as they reach levels of parts per billion (ppb) during dilution. It does not have a toxic and carcinogenic effect on humans, plants, and animals. It does not require rinsing, preventing recontamination after disinfection with "rinsing".

It provides a wide range of uses such as surfaces, equipment, air, water, and environment with a single product.

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