Why is Post-Construction and Vacant Apartment Cleaning So Difficult?

Post-construction cleaning and cleaning of vacant apartments are quite challenging.

It is an often overlooked fact in the cleaning industry, but the difficulty of cleaning vacant apartments or post-construction apartments is not well known by service recipients.

Whether it is a vacant apartment or a post-construction apartment, even in an average-sized apartment of 100 square meters, it is not possible to satisfy high-expectation customers before occupancy with a single-person service.

Dirt, dust, and particles that adhere to surfaces in an unsettled environment or over time are not easily removed. It often requires multiple cleaning attempts, which is not feasible for a single-person performance.

It should be noted that in post-construction cleaning, particles are not completely removed in the first attempt, and it takes several repeated cleanings to create a truly livable space.

Vacant apartments, being empty spaces, have high expectations for cleaning from floor to ceiling. Sometimes the accumulated dirt and wear and tear on windows and surfaces of a 30-year-old apartment are considered as part of the cleaning process.

Another overlooked aspect is that post-construction cleaning specifically requires professional equipment. Scrapping tools and relevant chemicals are necessary for scraping purposes. It is not a correct assumption that every construction residue will be removed during the cleaning process. Paint, silicone, tar, plaster, welding, dried labels under the sun... There are many construction remnants that either cause damage to surfaces or cannot be completely eliminated.

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