How to Perform General Cleaning and Disinfection of the Office?

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Filters:

In offices, being multi-workspaces, the first and foremost step is to have ventilation systems that bring in clean air and oxygen to the indoor environment. The filters should be removed and first rinsed with water, followed by disinfection. Any dust and dirt left at the filter's removal point should be carefully cleaned with a damp cloth, and the filters should be dried without exposing them to direct sunlight before being mounted back in place.

Disinfection and Cleaning of Electronic Devices:

Electronic devices, which are commonly shared tools in offices, tend to accumulate a significant amount of dirt. Additionally, due to static electricity, they attract dust. When disinfecting electronic devices, the procedures should be done with caution. The plugs where the devices are connected, the interiors of the plugs, and the cables of the devices should be wiped with a damp cloth and placed back in their positions.

Disinfection and Cleaning of Desks and Chairs:

Desks and chairs, which are common areas in offices, may appear hygienic, but they pose potential risks. The legs of the desks, the undersides of the chairs, should be thoroughly wiped and then disinfected. If the chairs have fabric surfaces, they should be vacuumed and then cleaned using suitable cleaners and disinfectants.

Disinfection and Cleaning of Accessories:

Accessories, often used for personal purposes, tend to accumulate a significant amount of dust, which can affect your health. To prevent this, they should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and an appropriate disinfection solution.



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