Disinfection of the Dirtiest Areas in the Office

Kitchen cleaning and disinfection: Ofis environments where meals are served to many people and shared kitchen areas accumulate a significant amount of dirt and bacteria due to leftover food and dirty dishes throughout the day, which can affect your health. Kitchens have various areas and surfaces that are prone to different stains and bacteria. Therefore, separate cleaning materials should be selected for each section of the kitchen, followed by the application of disinfection, in order to create a truly hygienic environment.

Toilet and sink cleaning and disinfection: Shared restrooms and toilets, which are common areas, are used multiple times throughout the day. The cleanliness and hygiene level significantly decreases with each use, making it one of the most critical areas to pay attention to. High hygiene levels in sink and toilet cleaning can be achieved through proper selection of disinfectant products and correct application methods to ensure complete disinfection.

Floor cleaning and disinfection: All the dirt, dust, bacteria, and viruses brought in by employees in the office adhere to the surfaces on the floor. The presence of dust, microbes, and viruses on the floor can significantly reduce the level of hygiene and cleanliness in the office as they can spread around through wind and air circulation. If there is carpeting or a similar structure on the floor, it should be first swept and then followed by the disinfection process, allowing it to air dry.

As a final check, the staff should ensure their own cleaning and disinfection processes, close any open windows, turn off the water and electricity if applicable, and disinfect the doorknobs and doors before leaving.

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