Sil Süpür cleaning cloths

NACİYE MICROFIBER / MESH DUAL-SIDED CLEANING CLOTH FOR WIPING AND SCRUBBING NACİYE offers two services in one with its dual-sided surface. It gently scrubs away limescale residues, stains on upholstery and carpets, and dirt on walls. The mesh texture provides scrubbing and foaming without scratching. It performs at its best without absorbing the applied chemicals. The microfiber surface cleans dirt and residue without leaving stains. It serves dual purposes with just one cloth. It is a thick and durable cloth that allows effortless cleaning. It makes cleaning enjoyable. Suitable for all types of floors. For areas where dirt and limescale are accumulated, such as faucets, sinks, basins, bathtubs... Also, when you want to foam and wipe the carpet or upholstery, Nacıye is at your service. Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm. Suitable for washing at 40 degrees.

SIL SÜPÜR KEZBAN MULTI-PURPOSE ANTIBACTERIAL IMPORTED, GERMAN TECHNOLOGY 100% ORIGINAL MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH Sil Süpür's KEZBAN is suitable for use on wet or dry surfaces. Kezban cleans and polishes without leaving stains, and it is antibacterial. It can be used on all surfaces: windows, mirrors, all types of furniture, kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, bathroom, faucets, LED TVs, laptops, tablets, car cleaning... It provides high performance even with water alone. It can be easily wrung out, allowing for effortless cleaning. There is no need to dry the surfaces separately. Wet, wring, wipe, and leave. Every home needs KEZBAN! It dries naturally, leaving no stains, and it is antibacterial. It has excellent water absorption properties. Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm.

SIL SÜPÜR MEHPARE OIL, STAINLESS STEEL, AND TOUGH STAIN CLEANING CLOTH You won't believe MEHPARE. It absorbs oils like a sponge. It does not tolerate negligence. It cannot stand uncleaned range hoods, greasy restaurants, or neglected homes. With its special fiber structure, it cleans tough stains on inox surfaces and metal surfaces (teapots, coffee machines, pots, etc.) without leaving any marks, making them shiny. It can be used with any chemical or hot water. It can gently clean stubborn and greasy stains. Thanks to its thick structure, it absorbs the oil during cleaning, preventing the oil and dirt from spreading on the surface. It easily releases the oil and dirty fibers when washed, is easy to clean, and does not produce any odor. Dimensions: 35 x 35 cm. Suitable for washing at 40 degrees.

HAYALET, EVOLON GLASS AND GENERAL CLEANING CLOTH THE CLOTH YOU HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR YEARS! With HAYALET, your windows will seem to disappear. It will give you a sensation of going through them. If you are tired of cleaning windows and mirrors 3-5 times and then drying them, Hayalet will solve your problem with just one wipe. Don't miss it! You won't need any other cloth for your windows. It is produced with innovative, reinforced micro-technology. Evolon is a new generation super microfilament. It is 200 times thinner than human hair and does not leave any streaks. It has an ultra-thin microfiber surface. It gets its name "Hayalet" (Ghost) from its ability to restore surfaces to their original condition, eliminating dust and dirt. It can be used on all surfaces. It leaves zero dust due to its strong electrostatic effect and is anti-allergenic. It has the power to leave zero dust with a single swipe for those with allergies. It does not leave water or chemical stains, dries quickly, and has a polishing effect. Say goodbye to dust and dirt with its strong electrostatic effect. Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm.

ELİF MULTI-SURFACE MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH FOR ALL SURFACES Elif is a versatile cleaning cloth that suits any environment. It is made of premium microfiber. It captures dust and dirt like a magnet. With a single wash, it easily removes dust from itself and does not leave stains. It does not leave fluff, streaks, or stains. It has a long service life. It can handle any type of dirt and tough surfaces. It brings joy to every environment and makes it shine. Its neon fuchsia color will motivate you to perform eye-catching cleaning. With its lightness, soft texture, high absorption power, and nano-technology, cleaning becomes easier. They are lightweight, super absorbent, quick-drying, so use them every day to enjoy your cleaning. Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm.

FİLİZ WET AREA CLEANING CLOTH FOR QUICK DRYING AND POLISHING FİLİZ has a soft texture and super absorption power, allowing it to dry and trap water ten times faster than itself. It is perfectly suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom areas. It has a jet-drying feature and does not produce any odors. You won't believe its power in the kitchen and bathroom. It is perfect for cleaning kitchen utensils, accessories, tools, and other delicate surfaces. It suits well in restaurants, bars, and serving areas. It allows effortless polishing and drying of glasses and dishes. It has undergone all washing and liquid tests. It can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at 40 degrees. Dimensions: 40 x 50 cm. Suitable for daily use.

LÜTFİYE SYNTHETIC LEATHER CLOTH THAT DOES NOT LEAVE DUST AND STREAKS Synthetic leather cloths are the most popular product in the automotive and home cleaning sectors. It provides flawless cleaning in home cleaning, furniture, glass, and mirrors. It adheres tightly to the surface and leaves no trace thanks to its ultra-absorbent texture. It is super absorbent. It is suitable for cleaning vehicle furniture, glass, mirrors, or electronic devices. It should be used with very little moisture. It is antibacterial and can be used on all surfaces. Due to its strong electrostatic effect, it clings to the floor, cleaning dust and sweeping it away. It collects 40% more dust compared to traditional cloths and is 10 times more absorbent. Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm. Suitable for washing at 40 degrees.

AYNUR LACOSTE ANTIBACTERIAL GLASS AND GENERAL CLEANING CLOTH AYNUR has a super absorbent and durable structure thanks to its special polyamide threads. It provides excellent cleaning without the need for detergent, only with water. It can be applied to all types of delicate surfaces such as glass, mirrors, plasma, and computer screens. Its flexible structure makes it easy to clean small accessories, corners, and edges. Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm. Suitable for all surfaces.

İSMET SYNTHETIC LEATHER FLOOR AND VEHICLE CLEANING CLOTH İSMET is a strong and powerful large surface cloth. It adheres tightly to the surface and absorbs dirt, stains, and water like a magnet through microchannels. It does not leave dust thanks to its strong electrostatic effect. It is soft and lightweight, yet it provides easy cleaning despite its grip. It has a polishing effect and is antibacterial. It dries twice as fast as a regular cloth and has a polishing effect. It is perfect for cleaning car body, dashboard, windows, interior, as well as delicate areas such as glass, windows, mirrors, LED TV, computer screens. Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm.

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