How to Clean and Disinfect an Office.

In fact, there is no fundamental rule for any cleaning area. It is performed taking into account the needs and expectations of the service recipient. It can be followed room by room or with a specific sequence of tasks if desired. Each space is determined and prioritized according to its own needs. However, a certain order is crucial for the progress and organization of the tasks. In office disinfection, regular disinfection of all areas and their execution by competent personnel is crucial for the success of the disinfection process.

We have listed the standard cleaning conditions applied in office cleaning in bullet points.

  1. Trash Disposal When starting the office cleaning process, gloves are worn. In offices where cleaning is regularly done, the trash bins usually contain small waste such as 1-2 pieces of paper, so the trash bag is not usually changed. However, if there are fruit or food remnants that may cause odor, or if the trash bag is wet or torn, it should not be emptied into the trash bag, instead the bag attached to the bin is replaced. After the trash collection process is completed, the gloves are removed and new gloves are worn for the next cleaning task. If the trash bin is dirty, it is cleaned with a cloth.

  2. Dusting Surfaces The prioritization in dusting is of utmost importance. It should start from a certain point and continue in that direction to avoid skipping any area. The cleanliness of desk surfaces is also crucial. In large workspaces or busy desks, while dusting, there may be slight rearrangements of items on the desk, such as placing pens in the pen holder or stacking notebooks. However, the overall arrangement of the workspace should not be disrupted.

  3. Cleaning Phones, Computers, and Electronic Devices This is a cleaning point that requires great care. These types of devices are sensitive and electronic, so they can be damaged with any contact or mishandling. Telephone receivers, keyboards, monitors, fax machines, and copiers are carefully wiped with a slightly damp cloth. Cleaning products with chemicals cannot be directly applied to their surfaces.

  4. Floor Cleaning If the office has carpeted floors, they are vacuumed. Wipeable surfaces are mopped with a cleaning solution added to the mop water.

  5. Final Check The purpose of the final step being a final check is for the staff to inspect their own cleaning work, close any open windows, turn off water and electricity, and wipe door handles before leaving.

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