Can the sofa and carpet be washed at home?

Can Couches and Carpets be Washed at Home?

Carpets and couches are among the most frequently soiled items in a home and require regular cleaning. Nowadays, carpet and upholstery cleaning is generally done by professional companies, but it is possible to wash carpets or clean couches at home with the necessary equipment.

How to Clean a Couch at Home? Couches, where tiredness is relieved or accompanied by TV enjoyment, can become dirty over time or due to spilled food, paint, and other substances. Dirty couches not only create an unpleasant appearance but also shorten the lifespan of the couch. Therefore, cleaning the couches at regular intervals not only provides a pleasant visual but also spreads a fresh scent throughout the house. With home couch washing or cleaning processes, your couches can regain their original condition.

If you have a removable couch cover, you can remove and wash the covers in a washing machine with an appropriate program. However, situations where the couch upholstery is fixed will require more effort. The question of how to wash a couch is usually asked by those who have fixed upholstery. To perform this process at home, follow these steps:

The entire couch, including all corners, should be vacuumed using a vacuum cleaner. This will collect crumbs, lint, and other debris that may be trapped in the corners. If you have pets, you can use lint rollers to remove pet hair. Usually, couches have labels that provide washing and cleaning instructions. Depending on the upholstery type, couches can be either wet or dry cleaned. For stains on the couch, use a suitable detergent and wipe with a damp cloth, then clean the entire couch with special couch detergents from top to bottom. Ventilating the room will help the couch dry faster and prevent it from remaining damp.

How to Wash a Carpet at Home? Although there are carpets that can be washed in a washing machine nowadays, this practice is not yet widespread. To know how to wash a carpet, you can follow the steps below:

Sweep the front and back of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Prepare a special detergent solution for cleaning by adding white vinegar and hot water to a bucket, or dissolve white soap in hot water. There are also specific detergents available for carpets. Clean the entire surface of the carpet with a suitable carpet brush and detergent, then rinse off any soap residue with a damp cloth. Carpet and couch cleaning should be done regularly as these items tend to trap dust and mites, increasing the risk of allergies.

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