Is Hand Cleaning Used in Cleaning?

Hand wiping is a cleaning method that individuals who purchase cleaning services occasionally request. On the other hand, it is a cleaning method that cleaning service providers refuse to perform as it can cause long-term health issues due to prolonged kneeling work.

Hand wiping was one of the labor-intensive cleaning methods before the industrial society. Nowadays, new generation mops are used to enhance cleaning performance and provide ease of use.

Since the introduction of new generation cleaning products, many mops, attachments, and floor cleaning mechanisms have been developed to add value to cleaning. These products, which also provide performance in daily use, are designed specifically for floor wiping. Modern mops also have a modular structure that is comparable to hand wiping.

Performance in floor cleaning is not solely dependent on cleaning tools, of course. Other factors such as cleaning chemicals, water temperature, surface structure, level of dirtiness, and the cleaning personnel also play a significant role.

However, nowadays cleaning workers rightfully refuse to perform hand wiping services. Crawling on their knees, pressing towels against the floor with their hands, and wiping surfaces in areas with high levels of dirt and microorganisms are not well received.

Our platform, which values performance and occupational safety, has prohibited HAND WIPING in our guidelines. It is not deemed suitable for the sustainable service of cleaning workers and the occupational safety of the service areas.

Let's not forget that cleaning workers do not possess superpowers. Many cleaning workers are employed in this field as needed. Therefore, work methods that require high physical strength and performance can lead to temporary or permanent health issues. Muscle aches, cramps, joint and bone injuries, meniscus problems, arthritis, joint fluid loss, and more.

Expecting cleaning service and motivation from someone who spends hours wiping floors on their knees, exerting their physical strength on their knees or crawling while squeezing large towels in large buckets and then getting up from that position would not be right!

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