How to Properly Disinfect and Clean an Office?

For a proper cleaning and disinfection, every corner and every spot should be carefully and meticulously cleaned and disinfected without missing any area. Office furniture, ventilation systems, office accessories, and all electronic devices, including sockets and walls, should be included. This ensures long-term effective hygiene and a clean living environment. Due to the shared usage areas in offices, cleanliness and disinfection are among the top priorities. Considering that many office items are grouped together and shared, hygiene and disinfection become prominent.

In office cleaning and disinfection, every detail and every point are crucial for real hygiene. From chair and table legs to ventilation motors and sockets, everything should be cleaned and disinfected carefully and meticulously. One of the important aspects of office cleaning and disinfection is to perform the process without hindering the use of electronic devices and being able to clean these devices without causing any damage. As Silsüpür, we provide these services to you. Our company, Silsüpür, which is a pioneer in cleaning and disinfection, should be your first choice for our meticulous workmanship in cleaning and disinfection in your office.


  • Emptying the ashtrays without any lit cigarettes or similar items present.
  • Not changing the position of any items or documents on the desk during cleaning.
  • Ensuring that the cleaning cloth used for phone cleaning has not been used elsewhere.
  • Wearing gloves during the cleaning process.
  • The priority rules are our friendly and meticulous colleagues.

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