How to Perform COVID-19 Cleaning in Homes, Offices, and Vehicles?

Since the inclusion of the coronavirus in our lives, the topic of coronavirus cleaning in homes, offices, and vehicles has also come to the forefront. Especially in the case of individuals continuing to commute with their private vehicles, taxi drivers, and public transportation vehicles, regular cleaning is necessary. Without the use of effective disinfectants during this cleaning process, the results may not be satisfactory. Therefore, a solution is achieved by using an effective disinfectant that is both environmentally friendly and efficient.

Silperox ensures that the cleaning is carried out effectively, allowing you to achieve the desired hygiene in the best possible way. With its safe use, even a small amount can yield highly effective results whenever you need it. You can use Silperox in various application methods, which are crucial for vehicle hygiene.

Coronavirus Disinfection in Vehicles

Many disinfection methods used in vehicles are ineffective in situations where there is a risk of disease transmission. Therefore, an effective disinfection application should be carried out to ensure smooth cleanliness. In places where interior disinfection procedures are performed, spraying and fogging methods are commonly used. Among these methods, the Silperox application has been proven to be one of the most effective disinfection practices for the coronavirus. These essential practices for the coronavirus ensure the successful implementation of disinfection procedures.

Disinfection procedures for public transportation vehicles and private vehicles can be performed daily if there is a high circulation of people, or weekly if not. Proper implementation of the correct practices is crucial for achieving the best possible cleanliness for your vehicles. Especially in this period where infectious diseases are widespread, ensuring hygiene is an essential step. You can seek support from the expert team of Sil Süpür, which provides cleaning and disinfection services.

Silperox's Fight Against Corona

Silperox, with its silver content, ensures the durability of the disinfection process. This way, the disinfection process maintains its effectiveness for a long time. The use of Silperox for interior vehicle disinfection is both comfortable and highly safe. With regular cleaning, you can safely transport passengers in your vehicle.

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