What is Clean Eating?

Some of us are looking for the methods of clean eating to live a healthy life, some to recover our health, and some to get rid of weight and look fit. In recent years, "Clean Eating," which is a rising trend worldwide, directs us towards ideal foods for healthy and balanced nutrition. As time goes by, it has become inevitable for us to approach industrial products and uncontrolled food with suspicion in our diet. So, how can we eat clean and what should we do for it? Let's find the answer to this question together.

Clean eating means consuming high-nutrient, minimally processed foods derived from natural seeds, and eating foods in their season. Of course, consuming only these foods is not enough in our eating habits. For clean eating, it is also necessary to cook these foods in the right way while diversifying our meals. In summary, it is recommended to focus on eating fruits and vegetables in their season and to stay away from packaged foods and processed foods.

What to Do for Clean Eating:

Reduce the consumption of packaged foods, and if consumed, examine the production date and ingredients. Consume seasonal products and reduce the consumption of hormone-treated fruits and vegetables. Avoid using frozen products. Reduce the consumption of sugar and salt. Consume raw and unprocessed nuts in an appropriate daily amount. Avoid carbonated drinks and excessively sugary ready-to-drink fruit juices. Cook meals using the right cooking methods. Include whole grain flour instead of white flour. Try to bake your bread at home using trusted organic flours. Drink plenty of water.

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