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Far beyond existing cleaning platforms...

Sil Sweep is an award-winning cleaning platform that allows you to get service from the most experienced cleaning worker in your region. It is an hourly cleaning service provider for office, corporate, and home cleaning requests.

We solve your cleaning needs with simplified, practical and professional methods.

The most meticulous, most reliable, most practical and most sympathetic cleaning workers are carefully included in our staff with references. Your places are cleaned with the difference of Sil Sweep during the reservation time without saying this extra, that extra.

Choose Easy Service

Stop to the question and problem of who will come to clean by going door to door, calling this and that! Turkey's most successful, high reference, and reliable cleaning workers are a click away. Choose your service, your time, and get it cleaned.

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Save Time

Spare only 15 seconds to get a super cleaning service. Make your reservation from the web or mobile application. If you wish, get support from our customer representative.

Make Secure Payment

Protected shopping is done with Iyzico assurance using Credit Card, Virtual Card, or Debit Card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Sil Süpür is a cleaning reservation platform that serves all over Turkey. It allows you to receive services from the nearest successful cleaning workers in your area. We are an award-winning platform that serves all over Turkey. The service recipient creates a reservation for the service they want. The service provider selects the most suitable job for themselves from the mobile application. The platform tracks the service claiming and service completion processes. It secures the service and payment systems. Sil Süpür is a transparent platform and does not provide misleading services with ambiguous statements. All information is disclosed on the homepage of our website and in the contracts. You can make a reservation through our website or the Sil Süpür Temizlik mobile application. You can also get support from our call center. 0850 532 52 82

How Is The Payment Made?

Our payments are received before the service. Payment can be made during the online reservation process. In some mandatory cases, payment can be made to our company account. SİL SÜPÜR TEMİZLİK VE HİZMET TEKNOLOJİLERİ SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ HALK BANKASI IBAN: TR92 0001 2001 4660 0010 1014 23 Branch 1466 HALK BANKASI BATI ATAŞEHİR ŞUBESİ/İSTANBUL Account Number 10101423 Payment with a manual credit card can also be made through the link below.


Why Should I Get Service From A Cleaning Platform?

Cleaning platforms provide the discipline between service recipients and service providers. Therefore, corporate services are requested, not individual services. Service providers have concerns about receiving the cleaning fee and exceeding the service time. Service recipients prefer to receive services that have been proven, meet certain standards, and are auditable. Sil Süpür provides high-standard services with call center support.

What Is Included In The Cleaning?

Health and safety are important for everyone in cleaning. All cleaning requests that do not endanger the health and safety of the worker can be met. There is no need to lean out to clean the windows from the outside. An appropriate tool is provided to clean the exterior glass from the inside. Except for risky area cleaning, manual floor and wall cleaning, heavy lifting and carrying, you can manage the time you have taken as you wish.

Will The Tasks Be Completed?

Sil Süpür cannot guarantee that all cleaning tasks will be completed. Each house has different needs, and the best service recipients can identify their needs. Requests and expectations also vary. Sil Süpür expects not to exceed the legal limits of 8 hours of working time. We do not accept jobs that require work beyond 10 hours because the tasks are not completed. There may be a demand above the performance of the service provider and transportation problems. For heavily soiled or large service areas, we recommend increasing the number of people.

I Will Not Be In The Service Area, Can A Cleaner Come?

Uppps, if you are not there, we are not there either! Unfortunately, we cannot provide service provider referrals to service areas that are not under your control. In order to receive reliable service in many aspects, from the service of the cleaning worker to the use of your products, it is necessary to be present in the service area. Our platform does not have the responsibility to track services.

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The Service You Are Looking For With Sil Sweep In Your Mobile Phone

We said let the simplest way for you to reach the service you are looking for be also in your pocket with silsupur.com.tr, we came to add convenience to your life with our application. Our mobile application that brings you together with service providers in 15 seconds

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